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Author: Liquid &Tunsie

The Art Blog of Kirk Mathew Gatzka©
Digital Art


"I am a Digital Artist and Musician. I use a variety of programs to create both Visual arts and Musical arts. Primarily I use CorelDraw and Corel PhotoPaint along with Corel's Painter 8 to create my Visual arts. I also Photograph scenery and people and places, Using a Canon XTi 400D camera. I use a Line 6 Toneport UX1 for recording on my computer and I only share my music with family and friends. I play a 12-string Seagull acoustic guitar with a Woody Seymour Duncan pickup on it. The microphone I use is a Shure PG58 which is adequate for my needs. I learned how to play guitar at 13 years old and have been making up songs since then. I enjoy singing and making music as a pastime. I have no desire to become famous or well known for my efforts. I now belong to the Acoustic Guitar Community and post songs to MyPage there to share with others. Digital Visual and Musical Arts keeps me young!"


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